Mass optimization: Customer Journey Mining 2.0


By Serena Dorrestijn, Manager Data Driven Experience (DDEX)

In the world of Digital Transformation you hear many buzzwords and new terms. One of them is Customer Journey (Mapping). In other words, providing insight to your customer journey. The traditional form is mainly qualitative and often not based on actual customer insights, causing the risk to act on other things than the truth. Customer Journey Mining 2.0 by Bright Cape offers data driven insights in the qualitative as well as the quantitative sides of the customer journey and consists of a combination of UX Research & Design, Data Science, and Service Design. The newest in the field of CX/UX – we would love to introduce it to you!

Why Customer Journey Mining 2.0?

One of the secrets of a successful organization or product is to act timely on changes in the market. But are you also working on changes in your customer base in a data-driven way? The needs and experiences your customers have with the outside world and with your service or product eventually determine your success. Sounds easy. Unfortunately, in practice one often finds that decisions concerning customer journeys are based on gut feeling, vague assumptions or incorrect information. Not acting timely on changes and customer needs can result in substantial distance relative to the competition. This is a waste of time.  

How does Customer Journey Mining work?

Within Bright Cape, a method was developed which provides measurable insight to the customer journey from different perspectives. By mapping the customer journey through the customer (UX Research), design (Service Design), and systems (Data Science), one creates the opportunity to directly intervene and implement changes full of impact. The right message, at the right moment, for the right customer. Customer Journey Mining 2.0 does not only take into account data, but it is data triangulation which is key. By continuously monitoring the customer journey after Customer Journey Mining 2.0, it is possible to shift your focus from looking back and reactive action to prediction and proactive action. And this is the gap where you create added value for your clients.

Customer journey mining


What do you do next?

The customer journey is mapped out in three different ways. Then, the entire chain is compared to each other to find impactful points of improvement.

  1. The first customer journey is completely set up through User Experience (UX) Research. A customer does not decide to continue its relationship with an organization by following the steps he actually took. Customers decide to build a relationship based on what they remembered of the process and what emotional valence they linked to it. Hereby, the experienced journey can deviate from reality, which makes it even more important to properly map the journey. By combining various tools and techniques from psychology, service design, CX, and UX, it is possible to map the customer journey fully from the customer experience.
  2. The second customer journey in this process is the journey like it is set up by the organization. What should the customer journey be like? What route do we think our processes take and on what moments in time do we have contact with our clients? This journey is fully mapped out from the organization’s internal processes and provides insight in the desired situation and the principles which is currently acted upon.
  3. In providing insight to the third customer journey in this process, we use process mining. Through process mining we can trace every single step a customer takes by analyzing the systems of an organization (for example in CRM systems). This customer journey is fully based on the data obtained from the systems and presents the customer journey exactly how it was registered.  

Want to know more?

Are you interested and would you like to know more about this form of Customer Journey Mining? Please feel free to contact Serena Dorrestijn. Do you want to join a workshop Customer Journey Mining 2.0? On June 3, Cibit Aademy and Bright Cape organize an interactive training for Customer Journey Mining 2.0. Read more about the training on the website.