Process Mining Center of Excellence

What it is

Your organization is collecting loads of data, maybe without you even realizing it. Every system is automatically logging what’s happening, but what do you do with all this data? How to extract value from it? With process mining we investigate to what extent reality matches your designed processes.

We provide end-to-end business process transparency in order to identify bottlenecks and enable optimization. Allowing you to focus on other matters that require attention. 

How we do it

Process mining gives insight in the actual process which often turns out to be quite different from the desired process.
The first step is always to have a look at the data that is available. From which systems do you need the data? What is the quality of this data? Can you trust it? 

The next step is to do an in-depth process mining analysis in which we compare the actual process to the designed process. This way, we can extract value from your data.

Once we have insight in the actual process, it’s time to pinpoint the bottlenecks. Why is the customer waiting so long? Why are we not compliant? Why and how often does rework occur? Why is one business unit more efficient than the other? How come that certain invoices keep returning?
Our process miners have the best tools available to help you figure out exactly when, where and why your process is suboptimal. Together we will find the answers to such questions to overcome these business problems. 

After the first successful project(s) it’s time to fully embed process mining within your organization to realize process excellence. This gives you, as an organization, the ability to be in control of your internal and external processes. 

Why you need it

Decrease process costs
Increase process efficiency
Increase process throughput

Jacco Tolman, implementation manager @ ABN AMRO